About Us

The Swansea City Football Club Disabled Supporters Association (SCAFCDSA) was successfully launched in 2013 and is the recognised representative body of the disabled Swansea City AFC supporters.

The SCAFCDSA has several roles, one is on a social aspect of bringing together the disabled supporters into one group and this includes their family and friends.

Another is putting the views of members to Swansea City AFC and other bodies, in the interests of improving facilities and policies that affect the disabled supporters.

It aims to develop through working with others, especially Level Playing Field (LPF) and uses its membership of Level Playing Field to influence and make improvements on a wider scale for disabled supporters.

The DSA acknowledge Swansea City AFC and the Swansea City Supporters Trust for the great help they provided in getting the SCAFCDSA up and running and both are fully supportive of its creation. The Football Club also provide facilities for the monthly committee meetings.

The DSA idea was developed by former Swansea City AFC Disability Officer Ian James who is also an elected board member of the Swansea City Supporters Trust and now current DSA Chairman. Ian continues to help the DSA committee develop as an independent entity that represents the views of Swansea City FC Disabled Supporters (Meet the DSA).

Swansea City AFC DSA is also supported by  Swansea City AFC Disability Officer, Andrew Williams. Andrew  acts as a key link between the DSA and the Club / Stadium and is a welcome addition to committee meetings/ discussions going forward.

The DSA is looking to build on what it already has and developing an even stronger relationship with Swansea City AFC. All Swansea City disabled supporters are welcome to join; this includes their family, friends and PAs. This is very much an inclusive club, and it is up to its members to make it the best disabled supporters club in the country.

Members will be the lifeblood of the DSA and this is your opportunity to join.

If you have any questions or queries, then please contact the Swans DSA.