Share your favourite Swans memory with us

Swans celebrate Autoglass Trophy win

The DSA committee are still in touch with each other, and we, too, are obviously disappointed that we were unable to support Level Playing Fields’ weeks of action, along with our end of season event, but….we had to ensure the safety of everyone.

Thank you all for your continued support, and please remember that we are here for you.

Right – We would like our DSA members to think about their favourite Swans memory – be it a game, meeting a player, travelling to an away game, coming to a DSA event, ANYTHING – and if you would like, right a short little paragraph and include a photo if you so wish.

Send all details to

We would be interested in putting them on our Swansea City DSA Facebook page  – just to have some happy posts at present.

We would obviously need your permission for this, especially if children are interested in writing something – which we will encourage.