Latest SCAFC DSA News

Dear Fellow Swan

Here is some latest news for you :-

Annual General Meeting:

At this year’s Annual General Meeting of the SCAFC Disabled Supporters Association, there were some changes made to the Committee, and we wanted to communicate these to you.

Taking over as Chair is ANDREW BRAYLEY. Andrew has been Treasurer since the DSA started, and a statement from him is on this web-site elsewhere.

Andrew will be supported by JAN BURGESS, who will act as Vice-Chair.

Remaining as Secretary is CATH DYER.

Taking over as Treasurer will be MALCOLM FEARN.

Some words from Cath and Malcolm will be in the next Newsletter, and posted on the web-site at the same time.

Our Membership Secretary will be MICHELLE PREECE. In charge of Social Media will be KAREN HOPKINS (assisted by NICOLA DYER, who is a Co-Opted Member of the DSA Committee). The Social Committee will be CATH DYER, JAN BURGESS and CATH WILLIAMS. The Website and Newsletters will continue to be produced by RICHARD HASELGROVE (who is doing this as a friend of the DSA). This leaves LESLEY WILLIAMS, who will be available to assist wherever required, in the positive way she has always done.

Social Event:

We are still in negotiation with the Club, trying to tie a date down, subject to player’s availability. As soon as this is confirmed, we will communicate.


We can confirm that DSA membership fees for 2018-19 will remain at £5 for an adult, and £2 for an Under 16. These fees have not been increased since we started !

Ian James:

As a thank you for the magnificent work that Ian James did for the DSA in the early days, Ian has been made an Honorary Member of the DSA. We are sure you will agree that this is fully deserved.