DSA AGM 2017- Tuesday the 11th of July

The Disabled Supporters Association (DSA) will hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on: Tuesday, July 11th at 5.30pm at the Liberty Stadium.

All DSA members and their personal assistants are welcome. Please note that only DSA Members will be allowed to vote on any issues on the night.

With reference to applications to join the DSA Committee only one application was received prior to the deadline. There has been one resignation from the Management Committee due to ill health so subject to suitability it is proposed that this applicant become part of the DSA Management committee subject to the agreement of DSA members at the AGM. Pen pictures of those who applied for election to the Management Committee as attached.

All members of the DSA Management Committee have stood down as per the current DSA Constitution and have stood for re-election apart from the one resignation. Due to the lack of applicants it is proposed that the current DSA committee be re-elected subject to the agreement of the DSA members at the AGM.

The DSA Constitution has been unchanged since the DSA was launched in 2012. The DSA has moved on since then and a number of proposed changes have been proposed and will be voted on by the members at the AGM.

Some of the proposed major changes include:

  • All members of the DSA Management Committee to undergo full DBS Checks.
  • The Management Committee shall comprise of 12 members who will be elected to the committee at the AGM.
  • In the event that less than 12 members are available to serve on the Management Committee, members may hold more than one post with the exception of the Chairperson. However, they will continue to have one vote only.
  • In the event that more than 12 members are willing to serve on the Management Committee, members may be elected by the Management Committee as co-opted members but with no voting rights.
  • Management Committee meetings now held monthly.
  • The term of office for each post will be two years.
  • In order to be elected to the Management committee, a member has to have been a DSA member for a full year before applying to join the Management Committee
  • Membership will run from 1st September to 31st August annually.  New memberships will be taken from September 1st.
  • Social Clause added to Constitution
  • Members of the Management Committee may be subject to disciplinary action or have their membership terminated if it is deemed that he or she has brought the SCAFC DSA into disrepute or that their continued membership is not in the interests of the SCAFC DSA.

All the above will be explained in full at the AGM and questions will be invited.

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday the 11th of July.

Jack Army!

Swansea City AFC DSA.